EFHS Sports

Women’s Lacrosse

The spring season has arrived again, and with that comes Women’s Lacrosse. Only played with a stick, a ball, and some goggles, the fast-paced sport has had many fans waiting patiently for it to return. Last season, the team went… Read More ›

Racing Indoors?

Normally, running track is outdoors but for extravagant runners or people that want to do a sport in the winter, indoor track is there to satisfy those needs. Beginning right after cross country, indoor track goes from November to February… Read More ›

Swimming for Success

Swimming: a highly underappreciated sport, which requires an intense amount of physical and mental body strength/endurance to succeed. You only really need two things for this sport, a pool, and yourself. Coached by Elizabeth Vaughan, the Eagles Swimming Team has… Read More ›