School News

Fall Fashion 2K16

Despite the difficulty of getting in the fall spirit when it’s still 85 degrees in September, Fall has always been a favorite season. So let’s see what is in store for fall fashion this year. Alexis Waynick (‘17) said her favorite… Read More ›

Sasquatch At East?

These past few months have been agonizing as police have covertly been investigating the woods that surround East Forsyth. There have been numerous sightings over the last few months  of an exceptionally large being appearing around the top lot and… Read More ›

Snapchat Block!

Do you like snapchatting your friends during class? Well, at East Forsyth, your favorite social media activity is becoming a thing of the past. Thanks to new technology from AT&T, special towers are going up around campuses of WS/FCS to… Read More ›