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Macron Saves France

After the UK barely voted for the Brexit and the United States elected Donald Trump with a minority of the popular vote, France’s potential to elect a far-right candidate feared many. But after two rounds of voting, centrist Emmanuel Macron… Read More ›

Who Is Jared Kushner?

Jared Kushner is perhaps one of the most powerful men in the nation; he has a direct line to the president and is tasked with achieving peace in the Middle East, getting a better relationship with China, improving ties with… Read More ›

Earth Day Marches

This year as we celebrated Earth Day, we also saw a huge turnout of rallies and marches held Washington D.C. and other cities around the nation. According to CNN, “more than 600 ‘satellite’ marches were taking place globally to coincide… Read More ›

The Attack On London

A tragedy occurred in London on March 22, 2017 and four innocent people’s lives were taken from them. This tragedy shocked thousands, and many people in London couldn’t fathom the fact that this had happened. Khalid Masood, formerly known as Adrian… Read More ›