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Mass Effect Andromeda

Get ready to join the Andromeda Initiative, and discover a new planet to help sustain human life. Mass Effect is a large video game franchise that has a long backstory that even after finishing the games, you won’t know it all…. Read More ›

NAB Releases New Tech

(Courtesy of When lots of filmmakers and film equipment come together, magic happens. NAB, also known as the National Association of Broadcasters (a convention that happens every April in Las Vegas that showcases the new film making tech that… Read More ›

The Division

  The Division has finally hit the shelves on March 8th! The Division is a Mass Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game also known as a MMORPG, which takes place in post-apocalyptic New York City, giving the player the chance to… Read More ›

Fallout Is Back!

Courtesy of   “War. War never changes.” These words are known by millions of people throughout the world because they belong to a very successful video game franchise called Fallout. Fallout is a game in which you are in… Read More ›