Developing The Trump Doctrine

On Day 77, President Donald Trump made his first foreign policy move: bombing Syria. In a missile strike that marks a drastic shift in US foreign policy towards Syria, Donald Trump violated his campaign promises to stay out of the country.

In the night of April 6th, Donald Trump ordered 59 Tomahawk missiles to strike Al Shayrat Airfield near Homs.

Russia, who had aircraft stationed at Al Shayrat Airfield, opposed the strike.  Russian President Vladimir Putin called the strike “an act of aggression against a sovereign state” and his spokesman said it was “carried out for the benefit of ISIS and other terrorist organizations.”  However, the US gave Russia a warning before the attack and no Russian vehicles or people were struck.

On Day 84 — just one week later — Trump ordered another bombing, this time in Afghanistan.  The bomb, the most powerful non-nuclear bomb, is officially called the MOAB — ” Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb” — is nicknamed the “mother of all bombs.”  This is the first time it has ever been used in battle.

The Afghanistan bombing was targeted at ISIS. Sean Spicer, Trump’s infamous press secretary, said that it “targeted a system of tunnels and cave that ISIS fighters use to move around freely.” According to the Afghan ambassador to the US, ISIS had planted bombs throughout the area, so the MOAB was used to clear it to allow US and Afghan forces to continue.

Mrs. Lawrence, an International Relations teacher, said she supports “amicable solutions” instead of solely using bombs. “We need to combine military strategies and diplomacy,” she said.

North Korea, the hermit country led by the crazy Kim Jong-Un, has also posed an enormous problem for the US due to Trump’s unconventional foreign policy.  The country’s small nuclear program, which is has been testing for years, has increased its threat level.

Mrs. Lawrence acknowledged that “North Korea is a dangerous enemy… We should be very careful in how we deal with them,” she said.  In her opinion, diplomacy should be the long term foreign policy solution.

In the past, presidents dealt with the unhinged despot of North Korea with patience, unlike this administration.  However, with Donald Trump’s apparent lack of any strategy, it’s unpredictable what will happen.

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