AOTM: Harrison Hayse

The student athlete to always make others laugh or smile while dedicating his time on the field. This describes Harrison Hayse (’17) perfectly. No matter what Hayse has gone through in his academic or athletic career, he has continued to pursue life with a smile on his face and bringing that happiness to others.

Hayse has made a lot of friends and memories due to how close the baseball team is. Hayse commented, “My favorite memory is hitting a walk off against Glenn my junior year, or hitting a home run this year; it means a lot knowing I can do that for my team.”

Tanner Smith said, “My best memory with Harrison is easily his legendary rap on the bus ride back from one of the games last year, it’s one of the moments that captures his humor.”

His teammates admire who he is as a person and what he represents as a teammate and a friend. Smith remarked, “Harrison is a great player and a great guy all around. He keeps the team up by having fun all the time and he’s awesome to have around.”

Connor Norby added that “He can make us laugh at any given time, but when we need him to to be serious, we can count on him for that. He can really fire the team up to accomplish something.”

Hayse’s experience as a player for four years on the baseball team has been interesting with coaching switches and his role transitioning from a player to a true leader on the team.

Hayse said, “My experience has been interesting. Playing for two different coaches with different coaching styles was interesting, but it made me better looking at different perspectives of the game and turned me into a better person.”

Hayse also wanted to give advice to future players saying, “Always work hard, because it’ll always pay off.”

Hayse is going to NC State next year and is undecided about his profession, but he has interest in the medical field. Hayse’s positivity will be missed by the baseball team and by all of East Forsyth, and we at The Talon wish him good luck in his future endeavors.

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