Who Is Jared Kushner?

Courtesy of The Washington Post

Jared Kushner is perhaps one of the most powerful men in the nation; he has a direct line to the president and is tasked with achieving peace in the Middle East, getting a better relationship with China, improving ties with Mexico, criminal justice reform, and “revamping the entire federal government,” according to the NY Daily News.

His official title is Director of the Office of American Innovation as well as being a senior adviser to the President. The Office of American Innovation was created by Trump with the specific stated purpose of “reducing federal  bureaucracy.” This may not seem important until you ask what are Kushner’s qualification for such a seemingly important job?

He owns the New York Observer. Kushner reportedly orchestrated Trumps digital and social media campaign. According to Eric Schmidt, “Jared Kushner is the biggest surprise of the 2016 election, best I can tell, he actually ran the campaign and did it with essentially no resources.” Other than these two achievements it is unclear what other experience Kushner has to qualify for his many new responsibilities. Some have alleged nepotism within the Trump administration seeing as Kushner is Trump’s son-in-law and other than this there is no outside reason for Trump to have given Kushner such a prestigious position.

What’s even more surprising is how few people know who Jared Kushner is, considering based on his roster, he is likely to be one of the most amazing, successful, and historic people of this century.

After polling 100 East Forsyth students, it has become apparent that a huge majority have never heard Jared Kushner. Only 12% of students knew who he was, although about 22% had heard of his name. Several of them asked us if we had meant to ask them about Ashton Kutcher.

The point of all this is the amount of power wielded by Jared Kushner, and his lack of experience for the job makes many wonder about the nepotism that may have been involved in the appointment of Kushner to such a position. It at the very least is cause for keeping a close eye on Kushner.

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