Nothing “Soft” About This Sport

The East Forsyth Women’s Varsity Softball team, coached by Mike Muse, is back and better than ever. Currently, the Lady Eagles are 13-9 (6-4 in conference).  They have had a very solid season and they’re going to keep pushing to get wins on and off the field.

“I think my team has the potential to be on top, we are so strongly bonded like sisters, that’s we can trust each other with anything and conquer all,” said Morgan Whicker (’19). When asked about what she learned through softball, Whicker responded, “I have learned that this teaches life. Softball has taught me to push through when things get tough just like in the bottom of the seventh inning when we need to push through a win.”

This particular year provided growth many of the players. “I believe our season has been anything but ordinary. We have grown so much not only as individuals but as a team. This team means the world to me,” Whicker added.

“This team has became a family over the course of the season,” said Lindsay Hawley. “This season I really learned how you can’t let one thing get to you, and ruin everything. I believe we’ve done really well, but we just need to learn how to finish it.”

“I think we work really well together, because we’re all friends on and off the field,” Sam Brown (’20) explained. “This season I have learned to never give up, always take a chance to have confidence and to always stick together. You must take chances, because you only get so many chances.” She went on to share that, “I’ve learned to never give up because you always have a chance no matter how much you’re down, you can always come back up.”

When asked about how her season has gone Brown said, “I believe our season has gone very well, because we are all working hard together to win.”

The Talon wishes the East Forsyth High School Women’s Varsity Softball team the best as their season comes to an end, and we hope they have success for the rest of the season and the playoffs that are right around the corner. We have a feeling that our Eagles are ready for whatever faces them.


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