Creating The Cash Mural


Three students at East Forsyth High school are going to Cash Elementary to paint a mural, and it is fabulous. Well, the term ‘mural’ should be used loosely, for in actuality, the mural relates more to a FULL room filled with everyone’s favorite childhood characters interacting with one another.

The principal at Cash Elementary reached out to Ms. McGhee (one of the art teachers here at East) and asked if she would send over a few students to create and paint their music room into a readers’ theater. After getting Principal Bass’s approval to send three students over, she commented on how she planned out this project. “I chose the students to paint this mural by figuring out which students were responsible and were in my advanced class, and also students that were obviously able to drive themselves to Cash. But mainly, I chose the students who were driven in their artwork, responsible enough to show up to the mural, and the people who put a lot of time and work into their art.”

Sydney Buro (’17) explained the process the painters went through to create the mural. “Well we originated our ideas through fairy tales and children movies and books. We did this by going into the library and finding certain books and fairy tales that we believe will still be around for the several generations of children who will come through Cash.”

Currently, the painters are working as hard as they can to try and get this mural finished, but they also want it to look as good as possible.

Jessica Asbill (’18) described the current process and the hard work that goes into the mural. “I think the hardest thing about this mural is time. We only have 90 minutes every other day to get things done, and after we drew out the overall outline, we came to realize that we just have so much details in the mural. All these details can oftentimes be tedious and take forever, which definitely does not help with our time constraint, not to mention that we only have three people working on it and that most definitely is a bit of an issue as well.”

Overall, the mural is coming along beautifully and we hope that the painters can get the mural done smoothly and the cash students will love the mural.

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