AP Exam Prep


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Exams. That single dreaded word can send some people into a panic frenzy. Although they can be nerve-racking, there are three very simple steps to managing to pull through them: sleeping, eating right, and above all else, studying. Students and teachers here at East Forsyth have their own ways of studying and we’ve gathered some tips just in time for exam prep!

Ms. Smith (an AP Psychology teacher here at East) explains, “You can’t study everything; it’s just too overwhelming. So trying to go through things in as many different ways as possible is a better way to go, which is why I give out so many review sheets so that students can go through them and figure out what they feel best about and what they aren’t so sure about.”

Many teachers recommend this philosophy, by simply going over the main concepts that a person may be completely lost about. Some ideas as to how to review would be: flashcards, reading, creating games to help you remember, and using online resources or apps.

Mr. Sapp (an AP US History teacher here at East) depicts his ideas about studying for the AP exams. “I believe that every student learns things in a different way, because no student is exactly the same,” he said. “Some kids learn better in groups and through interaction, other students learn better when they’re alone in silence and can fully focus on the concept, just as some students learn through videos and music, while others learn through flashcards and reading. To fully study for these exams, you must do what helps you personally remember the information.”

Of course, teachers can only do so much. It’s up to the student to force themselves to study for their desired AP score. Jennifer Medina (’18) describes what her general routine is when it comes to exams. “I prefer to attend the review sessions offered by teachers. These review sessions usually prepare me the best for what I would see on the test,” she said.

In the end, everyone studies differently and has their own way for preparing for exams whether it’s staying at home and studying with flashcards or maybe by studying in a group. However you may study, work hard and you’ll get your desired results.


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