Sneaky Sophomores

Sophomores are gaining a lot of confidence and have decided (by themselves) that it is okay to park on campus. Guess what? It’s not okay. Due to the recent studies (yes, we conducted studies) showing signs of sophomore parking, the limited spaces for upperclassmen and staff are no longer available.

There are only a few places to park at East Forsyth. The front lot, top lot (not anyone’s favorite), and the back lot. These slithering, sneaky sophomores like to park in the top lot, thinking no one will notice. They have also been spotted in the back lot as well. Keep your eyes out for young blood (cars without stickers) behind the steering wheels.

Due to all the sophomores parking on East Forsyth property, the upperclassmen have been forced to make their own parking spaces, especially for those who arrive to school after attending morning classes at the career center. This has caused many of the upperclassmen heartache. Some have been receiving parking stickers that say “WARNING,” while others are receiving parking violation tickets.

If you received a ticket, it most likely states that you were parked inappropriately. “I wouldn’t have a problem parking on campus after I paid $115 to park if there weren’t so many underclassmen parking. You want me to pay a parking fine because I’m parked illegally because there were no spots? How about giving tickets to the people who haven’t paid $115 to have a spot here,” Miranda Nix (’17) suggested.

Many believe that a $10 fee isn’t much too pay for these “violations,” but for others it’s ridiculous. East Forsyth students are forced to pay a fee of $115 for a single parking pass, so when the upperclassmen are forced to make their own spots, why must we also pay a ticket fee? “Why should I have to pay $115 for a parking spot and sophomores get to take all the parking spots and they don’t have to pay a penny. How about making sure all cars have stickers and make sure they are upperclassmen who pay for a spot,” exclaimed Taylor Kennedy (’17).

Parking on campus is a privilege, a privilege that requires a payment. That is why it’s unfair for sophomores to get away with parking on campus. Many have exclaimed anonymously that they don’t mind getting the $10 tickets, so it must be time to call the tow truck. As upperclassmen, it’s our duty to notify the office of the specific car and its location so that something more can be done.

If you are a sophomore parking on the East Forsyth Campus, it is time to stop. If you know of a sophomore parking, turn them in! We must come together as a community and put an end to under-aged parking.

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