NFL Draft 2017: Steals & Deals

The NFL Draft: Where NFL teams have a chance to improve their lineup, and players get their lives changed. It’s the closest thing to football that the NFL fans get in the off-season. For those who live under a rock, the NFL draft is where teams select eligible college football players, in hopes to better their roster. This year, the draft started Thursday, April 27th, and ended Saturday, April 29th.

Former Texas A&M defensive end, Myles Garret, number one overall draft pick of the 2017 NFL Draft went to the Cleveland Browns. Many NFL Draft analysts predicted this, and so did most of the fans before the actual draft.  Instead of the normal visit to the draft event (this year was Philadelphia), Garret spent the day in Texas at a family barbecue. When he got the call from the Browns, he took off his shirt to reveal his second shirt with a Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame logo, letting people know he planned on going there all along.

Former North Carolina quarterback, Mitchell Tribisky, was picked second overall by the Chicago Bears; former Stanford defensive end, Solomon Thomas, was picked third overall by the San Francisco 49ers; former LSU running back, Leonard Fournette, was picked fourth overall by the Jacksonville Jaguars; and former Western Michigan wide receiver, Corey Davis, was picked fifth overall by the Tennessee Titans.

“I’m really excited about the new D-lineman, Jonathan Allen, being added to our team,” said Redskins fan, Addie Stamper (’20). “The Redskins made a good run in the playoffs last season, and I believe Allen will help us get closer to becoming champions.”

“Christian McCaffrey is going to be an unstoppable asset to our offense, this year,” said Panthers fan, Blake Albright (’20). ” I really hope the Panthers can finally figure things out.”

Whoever you pull for, we as NFL fans can all agree that the draft is essential for our teams to become better. Even if your team didn’t select anyone outstanding, at least we had an NFL event in this dry off-season. Now, we wait over one hundred more days for the first regular season game.

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