New Seasons Streaming On Netflix

Get ready to catch up on your favorite shows on Netflix, new seasons are coming. With summer almost here, we can expect many new seasons of shows being added to Netflix.

There are many shows on Netflix to begin with and everybody has their favorites, Nathan McPherson (’18) said, Always Sunny In Philadelphia is his favorite because he finds it “very funny.”

Some of the new season that will be coming out are Sense8House of CardsThe Fosters, and The Last Kingdom. These are just a few of the many shows that will be coming to Netflix this summer.

Many people have different thoughts about Netflix. Christina Fortin (’17) said, “I like that I can watch the first seasons on Netflix to catch up before the next season starts on cable.” Some people think that Netflix and cable work pretty well hand in hand while others think that one is all you need. John Monroe (’17) said, “It’s coming up people already disown cable for it,” so everyone has their opinion.

Netflix has been known for the variety of shows it has in its library, and many people have been leaving providers like cable and dish for it. So Netflix is definitely on the up and up, which will most likely become a main provider.

Some shows are going to be added to Netflix as soon as a week after the season finale runs on live television. Supernatural is possibly one of these shows in which will most likely have season 12 of it be added on Netflix about a week after the season 12 finale airs.

Some shows on Netflix have been going on for quite a long time (especially shows like Supernatural, which has 11 seasons on Netflix, one currently airing, and a season 13 confirmed). Some shows have a really long life span, but others will load full seasons onto Netflix, but only keep them there for a limited amount of time. So make sure to check the correct schedules for the site and binge-watch series before they’re removed from the platform.

For the people who have Netflix, you can expect to have a lot of catching up to do once summer hits!

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