Men’s Lacrosse Gets Ready For State Playoffs


The East Forsyth Men’s Lacrosse team have had quite an up and down year. They have finished the regular season with a solid 7-7 record and finished with a great 5-1 record in conference. They finished second in conference and should still be a lock for the state playoffs.

The Eagles have had quite a tough schedule, playing the number three team in the state: Ardrey Kell, the number eight team in the state: Northwest Guilford, and the thirteenth ranked team in the state: Page. Their most quality win was an exciting overtime game vs RJ Reynolds that finished 8-7. Midfielder Devin McIntosh (‘18) said, “I think we should’ve done better this year. Our team is young and we lost some pivotal people last year, but I think we could’ve easily pulled out two or three more wins. But there’s nothing we can do about it now; we just need to go on and focus on the conference tournament and state playoffs.”

There is not a real expectation to maybe make a run and win the state championship this year. Defender Thomas Moriarty (‘18) said, “I honestly think we could possibly win a game or two in the playoffs. We are a pretty inconsistent team, but when we are on, we are hard to beat. I believe next year will finally be the year we make a real run instead finishing in the first two rounds.”

There is a real expectation to go far next year in the state playoffs now that this team will have more experience playing as a team. Midfielder Chris Agard (‘18) said, “I honestly believe we could win state this year. I know there isn’t too much hope around this team right now, but if we can play our A-game for six straight games then we could definitely win this thing. There is no question we will go extremely far or win the state championship next year.”

The men’s lacrosse team does not have a lot expectation to go far in the playoffs this year overall, but maybe that will end up helping them. They do not have a lot of pressure going into these playoffs, and sometimes that can work in their favor to be even more successful!

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