Aftermath Of High School

It’s about the time of year for the senior class to spread their wings and fly like the eagles they have grown to be. After years of hard work and endless hours at school, the seniors are finally able to end this chapter of their career and begin the rest of their lives.

429 fellow eagles are leaving the nest this year. Some are going to college, and some are just jumping into the real world right off the bat. Before we get to head off to a new school/job, or whatever you plan to do, we have to make it to graduation and the weeks after.

Most seniors have graduation parties, typically the weekend or day after graduation, and from there they attend beach week and have one last run before things start to become serious.

“After we graduate, I’m going to beach week,” Janasi Rawlings (’17) said. “Then after that, the only definite plan I have is going to the University of North Carolina Greensboro.”

Much like Rawlings, Paige Watts (’17) plans to take on beach week as her first steps out of the nest. “After beach week, I will actually be going with East Forsyth to Costa Rica! Next year I will be attending the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.”

Once we leave, it gives us plenty of time to miss the things about this school that we all loved, and the things we really didn’t love.

“I hated all the unnecessary homework that I had,” Larissa Rodriguez (’17) stated.  “I am really thankful for all of the memories and friends I have made from my time here.”

Watts also felt the same about the academic opportunities that East Forsyth has given her over the years, “I liked being able to take advanced classes in subjects that interested me, and being able to figure out where my passions lay academically.”

“I hated the breezeway. It was always crowded and people would stand around doing absolutely nothing. The freshman would even stand around all lost and play soccer like they were still in middle school,” Rawlings stated.

Seniors look forward to college for several different reasons, some like Rodrugiez, “I’m excited to finally study what I want to and learn about topics that I am interested in for my major.”


All in all, every senior is excited to have a change in their life, experience new things, and begin their life outside of high school.

Good luck everyone!


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