NHL Hockey Playoffs: Hockey With Heart

The thrill of the National Hockey League intensifies as the regular season ends  and the Stanley Cup begins.  So far in the Stanley Cup, eight teams have been eliminated and seven more will still have to be eliminated in order to name a winner of the Championship. The Stanley Cup has three more weeks until that winner will be decided.

The annual championship trophy is awarded to the NHL playoff winner and only 16 of the 30 NHL teams are invited to compete in the playoffs.

Upsets: The most unexpected and exciting outcome of a game. Most people enjoy rooting for the underdog, for the David to take down the Goliath. So far in the playoffs, three upsets have occurred. The Nashville Predators have completely swept the Chicago Blackhawks in a 4-0 series, The St. Louis Blues have dominated the Minnesota Wild in a 4-1 series, and the New York Rangers have beaten the Montreal Canadiens in a 4-2 series.

The second round of the NHL Playoffs have the Nashville Predators playing the St. Louis Blues (Nashville Predators lead the series 3-1), The Anaheim Ducks playing the Edmonton Oilers (Edmonton Oilers lead the series 2-1), The Ottawa Senators playing the New York Rangers (Ottawa Senators lead the series 2-1), The Pittsburgh Penguins playing the Washington Capitals (The Pittsburgh Penguins lead the series 4-1).

“There is no way the Pittsburgh Penguins end up losing this year’s playoffs,” says Will Watkins (’19). “They have always been a great team, and play with the most heart out of anyone. Its unlikely they will end up losing.”

However, Meredith Chrystie (’19) says otherwise. When asked about who will win this year’s Stanley Cup, Chrystie responded with: “Ducks. I don’t really watch hockey, but I always see them on ESPN murdering a team. They completely swept the Calgary Flames 4-0, and will do the same to every other team. If the Ducks lose, I’ll be extremely surprised.”

The Pittsburgh Penguins recently lost their star player, Sidney Crosby, to a large hit in game 3 of the series against The Washington Capitals. Many hockey fans believe the Penguins’ season is over with Crosby out, but some believe otherwise.

Whoever ends up winning, though, will go down in history as the 2017 Stanley Cup Champions, and will take the cup home. Hockey fans are struggling to wait patiently to see the final outcome of this year’s playoffs.

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