NBA Playoffs Are Here




Once again the NBA playoffs are back and finally, we will find out who is going to win the NBA Finals. The clear favorites, the Golden State Warriors, as expected, have earned the number one overall seed. Last year’s NBA champions, Cleveland Cavaliers, have had quite an up and down year finishing second in the Eastern Conference, but still the obvious favorite to win the Eastern Conference. Will we see a third straight Golden State versus Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Finals or will someone take down these two Goliaths?

The Golden State Warriors have already won a hard Game 1 versus their opponent, the Portland Trail Blazers, and they will play game two at the Warriors arena in Oakland. The San Antonio Spurs have cruised to an easy 2-0 series lead versus the Memphis Grizzlies and are expected to sweep them. Houston Rockets hold a 1-0 lead against the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Utah Jazz and the Los Angeles Clippers are all tied up 1-1. Jazz won game 1 thanks to a game winning floater by veteran shooting guard Joe Johnson and the Clippers won game 2 with ease.

The Boston Celtics have struggled especially because of Isaiah Thomas not being 100% due to the loss of his 22-year old sister. They are down 0-2 to the Chicago Bulls and the Cleveland Cavaliers have gotten a hard earned 2-0 series lead. The Raptors have tied up the series against Milwaukee 1-1 and lastly, the Washington Wizards won handily to take a 1-0 lead.

Christian Brewster (‘18) said, “I don’t see the Warriors losing. They are one of the greatest teams ever assembled with 4 all stars. If they stay healthy, their only problem will be the Spurs, even then they should win.

Josh Bolchalk (‘18), who is a Cleveland Cavaliers fan stated, “No doubt the Cavs win back to back. LeBron will just turn it on like he always does in the postseason. He’s been to six straight finals, there’s nobody that’ll stop him from getting to a seventh and probably a 4th championship.”

Everybody expects the finals to be a rematch from the past two NBA Finals, but you never know. Will Stephen Curry claim his second title? And Kevin Durant’s first? Or will LeBron claim a 4th title? Maybe Gregg Poppovich and the mighty San Antonio Spurs get rough. Maybe the triple-double machines James Harden or Russell Westbrook could shock NBA and win it. All we know is that we gotta wait for June…

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