From Seniors To Assassins

From friends to rivals, the East Forsyth High School seniors take on the challenge of not only surviving the game, but getting whomever their target is as well. The game officially restarted on March 28th, after leadership positions were switched due to misconduct put on my some seniors of the class of 2017.

The game, which has no affiliation to the school, is now being run by Blake McCann, Jacob Baum, and Eric Traughber, according to the East Forsyth Senior Assassin’s Twitter account. With new leadership taking place, new rules are also being put into effect. In the previous version, one key rule was no shooting in businesses, but now there’s no safe place… besides school of course.

On the first day only few were taken down: Noah Vercampt shot Chris Burch, Salem Gaide killed Alexy Servello, Nate Lapina took down Marla Yokeley, and finally Brady Gunter ended the night with a shot to Willie Leak.

While many had their eyes on the prize of over $600, a few were going for the prize of most kills, which included a nice fifty dollars.

“The best part of the game was honestly trying to figure out my alliances. I also tried to make as many alliances as I could,” commented Chase Rivers (’17), who was shot by his assassin, KZ O’ Maille, at Denny’s on April 5th. If only he were in his bathing suit, thus granting him immunity from the shot.

The game consists of three rounds. Each round begins with a new target who is the senior succeeded in not only remaining alive from their assassin, but also in killing their target, which must be a “confirmed kill” by those who run the game (McCann, Baum, and Traughber). Of course wearing your swimsuit grants immunity, but there’s also the possibility of shooting their target before their target shoots them. In doing so, it allows for a helpful three-hour immunity.

Quite a few seniors were eliminated from the game not because of being shot, but because they weren’t able to get their target. Those who have survived have a long road ahead of them since the game can end up lasting until graduation on June 9th. “I had to start parking in the garage, especially since in the previous game I got shot because I parked outside. The game can get intense; I know a lot of people who were paranoid about getting out,” stated Sydney Buro (’17), who has made it to the second and possibly the third round of the on-going game.

“I had zero strategies; I was just trying to win honestly,” said Jenna Stottler (’17), who was shot April 26th by Haley Bowman. Not only did Bowman kill Stottler, but also took down the highest ranking assassin: Jacob Underwood.

Watch your backs Seniors. While the game has died down a little, the water guns are still going off and targets are still going down so keep an eye out and #trustnoone.

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