The Attack On London

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A tragedy occurred in London on March 22, 2017 and four innocent people’s lives were taken from them. This tragedy shocked thousands, and many people in London couldn’t fathom the fact that this had happened.

Khalid Masood, formerly known as Adrian Ajao, who grew up in England, was the face behind all of the madness.  An American man, Kurt Cochran, and British woman, Aysha Frade, were killed after Masood rammed his rental car onto the sidewalk of the Westminster Bridge. He then stabbed an unarmed police officer, Keith Palmer, who was standing guard at Carriage Gates. The final victim, Leslie Rhodes, passed away later after being taken off of life support at the hospital, according to CNN News.

Police officials were trying to decide whether or not Masood acted alone in the crime and why he decided to harm as many people as he did. The accusation of this crime being linked to a terrorist attack came about when The Islamic State Claimed responsibility for the attack, but no proof of him being a part of the Islamic nation has been found.

It’s reported that Masood always had a violent aspect to him. He was convicted for criminal damage when he was 18-years old and was sent to prison twice for inflicting bodily harm. He also had a substantial criminal record before he transitioned to Islamic militancy, according to NY Times.

Prime Minister Theresa May stated, “Yesterday, an act of terrorism tried to silence our democracy.” She went on to say, “We are not afraid, and our resolve will never waver in the face or terrorism.” She called the violence “an attack on free people everywhere” according to the NY Times. Many other citizens have gathered to show their respect for the lives lost and the others who were injured.

Marionna Luckey (’18) stated, “Honestly I think it’s a selfish act! Innocent people getting killed for what somebody else believes is horrible.” Luckey feels that since people have their own beliefs she thinks Masood felt he had a higher purpose to fulfill. She hopes that the nations band together and take a stand to avenge the innocent lives that were taken and feels actions such as his can no longer can be tolerated.

The investigation surrounding the terror attack is ongoing.

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