Date Auction Out: Gun’s Out

Top Gun the Sequel, took place on March 11, at 6:30 pm at East Forsyth High School. The guns were out, both in terms of props and arm muscles, as the need for speed spiced up our own East Forsyth senior guys to get that one special girls’ attention. The night was a success and we asked some participants how they felt about the whole experience.

“The theme for date auction came from the idea that the teachers thought it would be cool to have the major events at the school match in a sense. We have an 80s themed prom, we are about to open the Talon Theatrical Company’s production of ‘Footloose’. With all the 80s themes, we thought it would be the perfect way to share props and different decorations” said Michaela Bullard (’17). And for people running the budget for these events, sharing a theme was a great way to save money.

She also said that “working with the guys was so fun for the show committee girls. They worked so hard to make it absolutely perfect, and it really did show that night at the auction! I loved working on the show, designing name plates and making sure the decorations were right. We wanted the audience to see how much time and effort we put into the show.”

Bullard told us her “favorite part of the night was seeing who won King with the highest bid and watching the guys perform their group acts.” She also said, “the part where I got to buy my best friend was so great because we have known each other so long. He’s the funniest and sassiest person I know.”

Speaking of kings, we heard Tyler West, won the highest bid at $10,103!

Then we asked a few of the guys who showed off their guns at Date Auction how they enjoyed the experience. Willie Leak said, “I decided to do it because the previous years were very funny. My favorite part was getting to hang out with the guys and bonding, and the show was fun because we were all nervous but we got on stage anyway and made the best of it.” Leak also said, “I had 3 girls raise money for me. It was pretty funny to be bought and bid on because you usually see that on TV and don’t expect to be in one.”

And of course we had to interview our very own school president, Jai Black, who took the opportunity to show off his hidden talent in the showcase! Black said, “I decided to do Date Auction because I knew that it would be a fun and unique way to raise money for the school. My favorite part was the opening skit with all the boys, because we had been working on it for months and seeing it come together was nice.” He was bought by Nadiya Debnam and knows that all of the money raised will go to a great cause!

We know the comedy at Date Auction was sky high! Congratulations to everyone who helped make it such a success, with over $16,000!


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