The Buzz About Bees


March 20 was the first day of spring, yet in mid March we were predicted to have snow, but it never happened. The temperatures rose and a week later, the bitterly cold temperatures arrived, but the snow didn’t.  These drastic weather changes are certainly due to the effects of global warming. Though we may not notice, it’s affecting you more than you think.

We should recognize and protect our Earth. According to, “Our planet is currently losing over 15 billion trees each year -that’s 56 acres of forest every minute and we have entered a sixth mass extinction brought on by human activity.”

Recently there has been a lot of talk about bees.  Out of the 100 crop species we consume in the US, about 70% are pollinated by bees, according to Bees are critically endangered due to pollution, rising water temperatures and loss of habitat. Many of us think that the only thing bees do it buzz around and sting people. The truth is honey bees are essential to our environment.

Pollen from plants stick to the bees as they search for food, and as they move from flower to flower, they pollinate other flowers. Bees are the quickest and most efficient way for plants to be pollinated. The bees extinction would affect herbivores such as cattle who we depend on for milk and meat, which will directly effect the human diet.

Maddy Shelor (’18) said,”The thought of not being able to have all the things related to bee pollination is honestly scary. I hope we find a solution to this problem.”

Canola, which is grown to use as both a fuel and cooking oil, also depends highly on pollination. It is also used to produce biofuel. If we were to run out of biofuel, we’d have to rely on fossil fuels completely, thus putting further pressure on the environment. Cotton is also very reliant on pollination. The disappearance of bees will lead to a huge setback in cotton production.

So ponder these thoughts as you take a bite your favorite honey breakfast cereal, get dressed, and drive your car. Bees are much more crucial to your day than you’ve ever realized.

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