Meet The Editor: Kenia Albarran & Jan Fernandez-Castillo

img_3407It’s been a thrilling year in newspaper so far, from gaining new members to fantastic new editors! Kenia Albarran (’17) and Jan Fernandez-Castillo (’17) are co-editors for the news section in the newspaper.

Being an editor comes with a lot of responsibility. You are in charge of all the writers in your section, including editing their articles and guiding them through the interviewing and writing process. Also, they format the section on InDesign like pros.

Albarran is a senior this school year and enjoys working, hanging out with friends, and reading. She even loves watching The Office! She works at the Rack Room Shoes, and she is the oldest of four siblings. Albarran enjoys writing in the newspaper.”I like to write about current events and controversial things if I can,” she said.

“My favorite part about writing for the news is the people I get to work with.” Her writers love her as well. “Sometimes, I like Kenia more than Jan,” stated Megan Kwaitkowski (’18). She also likes how both editors help her brainstorm ideas for articles.img_3416

Albarran’s excellent co-editor, Fernandez-Castillo, has a sister who is taking newspaper next school year, so she has big shoes to fill! He takes classes at the Career Center and enjoys politics and aviation.

Fernandez-Castillo is a senior as well. “I enjoy the newspaper because I get to use my voice to an audience of nearly 2,000 students and staff on campus,” he said.

They both split up the editiimg_3427ng work. “Sometimes, I’ll take care of the board, which means next time or next issue, Jan will do it. Also, we alternate doing the editing on InDesign. We work pretty well with each other, we’re always on top of what each other has edited,” stated Albarran.

“I like being an editor because it allows me to improve The Talon from what it already is. The extra duties are easy for me. I also like formatting in InDesign, but the final design is not always my editing. I enjoy writing about politics and transportation news,” stated Fernandez-Castillo.

They both plan on attending college. Fernandez-Castillo wants to be an engineer, but they both haven’t decided on the destination yet. Albarran dreams of dipping into the journalism world, but isn’t quite sure on the exact major.

Both editors are a great addition to the newspaper family! They are fun, crazy, and always keep us laughing! The newspaper staff will miss them next year!

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