East Forsyth Baseball Is Back In Full Swing




The East Forsyth High School baseball team has started off this year very well by winning in their first two games against Mount Tabor and Walkertown. In the first game versus Mount Tabor, the Eagles soared to victory in extra innings off a combined no hitter and a walk off in extra innings. Sam Peddycord (‘18) who contributed to the combined no hitter, said, “I felt great out there, I had a lot of confidence in that game. I knew we would win without a doubt. We will need to keep this momentum going through this season and especially against Walkertown, who is a really good team.”

The Eagles indeed kept their momentum going in their game against Walkertown by defeating the Wolfpack 6-4. Sam Peddycord said, “That was one of my favorite games. The Walkertown game meant a lot more to me since some of my best friends play on Walkertown. It felt really good to beat them.” The winning pitcher in the Walkertown victory was Luke Kimrey (‘18) and pitched thee innings.

The East Forsyth Eagles will have a tough schedule coming up this March. But players on the baseball team such as Tanner Smith (‘18) believe it should not be a problem. Smith (‘18) claims “I believe we have a real chance to go far in the state playoffs this year. Teams are going to be surprised about how well we play together. That’ll be the difference in us making it far or making this season a disappointment. We have a lot of firepower as well Division 1 players. This team will have to show a lot of heart for us to do anything in the playoffs.”

The Eagles DH Blake Williams (‘18) stated, “I’m not sure if we are quite there yet to win a state championship, but we will for sure be one of the best teams in the state next year in my opinion. It would be a big leap for us if we could make it far into the playoffs this year and give us a nice boost into next season.”

One thing’s for sure, the Eagles have started out the year how they would have liked to, but they still have a long way to go.   

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