Did Winter Even Happen?

Is it too hot? Is it too cold? Did winter ever happen?

North Carolina’s weather has been a roller coaster of emotions for all of us. From snowy days to sunny days, it has us all confused. 80 degrees yesterday, 20 degrees today, what’s in store for tomorrow?

North Carolina’s weather has always been a bit crazy, reaching it’s highs and lows all in one month!

Everyone at East Forsyth High School has been sporting the layers, including the staff and students. What are layers you may ask? They include a t-shirt snuggled with a sweater, that is also topped with a jacket. So throughout the day you will shed the top layers off as the temperature fluctuates throughout the day (but always stay in dress code, kids)!

If you don’t understand the weather, don’t worry, no one does. You must always remember a jacket. Just because it’s 80 degrees at lunch, doesn’t mean it won’t be 30 degrees that evening.

“It’s been terrible and making everyone sick. North Carolina needs to choose whether it wants it to be Spring or Winter. It can’t be both at the same time,” Carley Rumfelt (’17) exclaimed. If only North Carolina could control it’s mood swings.

The exciting part about North Carolina’s weather is that you don’t have to wait long for spring or even longer for winter. You get a taste of it all in one week!

The depressing part about North Carolina’s weather is the allergies and the plants blooming too early. If a tree or flower blooms early, and then the ground freezes, the plant will die.

“Cold weather can also affect both flower and fruit development. A certain amount of cold is required for trees to flower, but extremely low winter temperatures can kill flower buds and immune fruits,” according to ncstateuniversity.com.

If you like the weather’s mixed emotions you are not alone. Many students like being able to wear their summer clothes in March, as you can see because of how they are dressed.

Remember that just because its warm, it doesn’t mean it’s crop-top season ladies (it’s never crop top season according to dress code). But the weather may trick you into thinking that.



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