Academic Team Finishes Off A Great Season


The East Forsyth High School Academic team finished the season with a solid record of four wins and four losses. The Eagles ended up losing in the first round of the conference tournament to West Forsyth, therefore ending their season. The season overall was a solid one, but the Eagles feel they should’ve finished their season with a bang.

The students who participated in academic team this year had great experiences and lots of fun. Maddy Shelor (‘18) was part of the science portion of the academic team and she had this to share on her experience this year.

“I had a lot of fun this year doing academic team. I would very much encourage kids who are considering it to join because it really does challenge you. I will say it is hard, but in the end it was well worth it. I have learned so much from academic team this year and I do not regret it for one second.”

Another student who participated in academic team, Heather Lineberry (‘18) was part of the math and science portion of the team.

She said, “For me, it honestly opened my eyes that there are some really really smart kids from other schools. I think we had a pretty decent season. We could’ve done better, but we finished where we expected. I had a terrific experience and I will definitely recommend this to students considering joining academic team. I am for sure going to be on it next year.”

When asked about how well do you think the team will do next year, Shelor (‘18) stated, “I believe we could win the conference. I know it will be a major loss losing the seniors, but we will also have some great kids joining us next year.”

Heather Lineberry (‘18) said, “I think we have a real chance to win it, but I’m not too sure on how we will do losing some very very smart seniors who were a crucial part to this run we had this year.”

The Eagles have may have some high expectations to conquer, but with the intelligence of these students, they should have no problem soaring to the top and beating the buzzer!


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