NBA Recap

The NBA season this year has been one for the record books. Players around the league have been absolutely dominating the NBA including Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, and many more. The playoffs are almost here and no ones knows how they’re going to turn out.

Speaking of Kevin Durant, the Golden State Warriors have been filling their expectations as a super team. Their only weakness is injuries. Without Kevin Durant the Warriors showed that they couldn’t function the same way and their record without him is substantially worse. Also speaking of Kevin Durant, his old teammate Russell Westbrook has been holding the league in the palm of his hand. He is only the second player in NBA history to average a triple double which is the main headline that is pushing him towards the MVP award. Westbrook’s main competition? The Beard, James Harden is making everyone fear the beard, he is leading the Houston Rockets to the top 5 spots in the Western Conference since moving his listed position from shooting guard to point guard. Having the ball in his hands more often has boosted his stats a ton and his plus minus rating sky rocketed. This may be if not the tightest MVP race of all time. Dylan Peeler (17′) commented on the season so far, “I think it’s been a pretty good season so far. It’s been really competitive and there’s no team that’s completely dominated like last year. I think the Spurs and the Celtics are gonna take the one seeds in their respective conferences and I think the Cleveland Cavaliers are gonna lose to the Houston Rockets in the Finals, that being said I think James Harden is going to win the MVP and the Finals MVP.”. Alex  Dalton (17′) expressed his thoughts about the season saying “So far this season has been really exciting and there is no real team that is dominating the league which makes it way more intriguing for the viewers and fans. I think Russell Westbrook is going to the MVP because he’s a beast and can’t be stopped, but once KD gets healthy the Warriors are winning the NBA Finals.”. So far the season has been one of the best ever and all the fans are insanely excited to see what happens in the playoffs! We can only hope that all of this excitement continues throughout the rest of the season!

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