M.P.A. & Madrigals

Here at East Forsyth, the well known singing groups Madrigals and Caprice took on the challenge of singing at Meredith College in Raleigh, North Carolina, for M.P.A. This stands for Music Performance Adjudication, and the groups travel there to perform, where they’re judged on various elements such as how well they followed the music pieces, articulation, and the dynamics of what they sing.

Madrigals is composed of men: tenors and basses, and women: sopranos and altos. Caprice, on the other hand, is an all women’s group singing the parts of Soprano 1 and 2, and Alto 1 and 2. “Madrigals performed two songs: Elijah Rock and I am Not Yours,” stated Gabe Rodriguez-Torres. (‘19).

“One is a fast-paced spiritual, contrasted by the other’s melodic and somber tone,” commented Chase Rivers (‘17). The songs allowed for judges to see the different abilities and talents Madrigals has to offer.

Not only does the singing group perform at Meredith College, but in May they’ll be heading to Carowinds to perform once more. “My personal favorite thing about Madrigals is becoming so close to everyone and becoming one big family,” said Bri Stallworth (‘17).

Madrigals allows for students to grow close with one another, like Stallworth commented, and for students to find a place and find a passion. Rivers stated, “My favorite thing about Madrigals is just singing, plain and simple. Singing has become a passion of mine, and having something that lets me do it almost everyday makes me ecstatic. I recommend any freshmen, sophomore, or even junior to audition. It’s an experience that you won’t regret.”

While Madrigals and Caprice sang their hearts out on the songs they had to perform, both were given a excellent from the judges. While it’s still a good job done, Excellents are one step below Superior, and for Caprice to get an Excellent it broke a five year Superior streak, breaking the hearts of many.

Superior, or Excellent, both of East Forsyth’s powerhouse singing groups will continue to perform at Carowinds and right back here at home through their many fun and entertaining concerts!

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