Balancing Work With Homework

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Everyone works at some point in their lives because everyone needs money. The real question here though is: should teenagers work during high school and are there any benefits to start working at a young age?

Mckenzie Hutchins (’18) currently works the register at Mickey’s. She said, “I love working, I’ve grown to become more confident in life and in I’ve made several new friends along the way. Of course my job has interrupted my schoolwork occasionally, but not to the point where my grades have suffered. Working makes me more responsible, and gets me money which is always nice to have.”

Learning to manage time and to use it well is a skill most people learn during their time in college or in their actual careers, yet students in high school are learning how to better manage their time by having to work and juggle extra curricular activities and school work.

This will perhaps help them later in life, but it is increasingly difficult for students’ grades to not drop because of this increased load of work.

Madiysn Benfield (’18) currently does not work and said, “I do want to work at some point but right now isn’t the best time for me. I don’t have my license yet and I’ve got such a large load of schoolwork that it’d be too stressful to have a job. I do have more time for school and a social life because I don’t have a job yet.”

Mrs. Gerrety, the current American Sign Language teacher here at East, explains, “I think maybe if someone had a small weekend job isn’t too bad, but I really think focusing on their studies is a good idea. It’s a good way, if they are working, to teach them responsibility while they’re young. Just don’t overwork yourself. So many students just take such difficult classes that if they were working a really difficult job it would drive them up against a wall.”

Working during high school can help teach students responsibility and other important skills, but it can also interfere with school work and their social life. All in all, it’s up to the student to decide whether or not he or she wants to work during high school.

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