Artist Of The Month: Erick Messer

Courtesy of Anna Plybon

From yearbook, to band, to taking pictures on the sidelines, Erick Messer (‘17) is one of the most involved students at East. Messer is this issue’s artist of the month because of his creative skills and great work ethic.

One of Messer’s main contributions to East Forsyth are his incredible pictures. Messer first began taking pictures after his dad gave him his first camera at the 2009 Coca Cola 600. He said that after that, he loved taking pictures of sporting events.

Messer said that the main thing he loves about taking pictures is how unpredictable any photo shoot can be. “You have to be ready to get the perfect moment, whether it’s taking pictures of sports or a simple family photo shoot.”

Messer’s favorite setting to take pictures is daylight sports, like early baseball games, and sometimes football games. “Daylight is the best time because you can freeze the action more and truly get a single moment in time,” he said.

Messer plans to attend High Point University in the fall and study sports communications. He said he would love to get an internship with the “NFL or Sports Illustrated or something along those lines.”

Mrs. Whitney, the yearbook teacher at East, has seen Messer progress as a student and photographer as he has contributed to the school yearbook.

Whitney said Messer has progressed by becoming more creative and coming up with lots of ideas for pictures. Whitney also said that what makes Messer a good photographer is “his passion and enjoyment [for photography] and constantly looking for better techniques to visualize.” She said there is no doubt that “he has an eye for it.”

Messer’s development has not only improved his photography skills, but has also helped to progress the yearbook. Whitney said Messer’s ideas have “given the book a new perspective.”

Messer’s contribution to East Forsyth deserves endless appreciation and he will be missed when he graduates!

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