March Madness

Whether you’re a college fanatic or an average viewer, the time of the year for March Madness is much anticipated. For many viewers, the thrill comes from the tradition of filling out the brackets of 64 teams and choosing who wins each individual game towards the national championship. However, everyone enjoys the close games, buzzer-beaters and upsets of college basketball.

The national championship this year, like always, is anyone’s game, and this season has had teams rise and fall. The regular season had more ups and downs than any other sports season this and is debatably the most exciting sports season around the world. Universities like Kansas, UNC, Gonzaga, and the defending champions, Villanova, are top contenders and at this point have the top four seeds in the bracket so far. Josh Bolchalk (’18) commented, “Kansas has a very good team this year and have the potential to win the championship. The coach for Kansas, Bill Self, is very experienced and the two stars, Josh Jackson and Frank Mason III are outstanding players.”

Sleeper teams are most noticeable in the NCAA tournament, even though they have been evident during the regular season. Smaller universities, such as Wichita State or Southern Methodist, are in the top 25 but aren’t always recognized because they aren’t big schools. Even schools like Gonzaga, who is in the top 5, don’t get too much recognition. Bolchalk said, “Purdue is the most underrated team. Their center, whoever he is, is great.” Thomas Moriarty (’18) stated, “Wake Forest, they’ve had a terrible schedule in the ACC and John Collins and Bryant Crawford and two underrated players on that team that carry them to victory.”

Most viewers watch to see their favorites strive for a championship. Popular teams around East Forsyth consist of UNC, Duke University, NC State University, and Wake Forest University. Ryan Bussell (’17) replied, “My favorite school is NC State because my dad graduated from there and I got accepted into there.”

The playoffs of NCAA college basketball are one of the most widely regarded postseasons in sports around the world and at East Forsyth. With bracketology or just watching for the love of the game, college basketball in March is a very popular topic.

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