Club Spotlight: Future Teachers Of America

Do you dream of being a teacher? On way to get onto the path of making that dream a reality is to join Future Teachers of America at East Forsyth and to take the Teacher Cadet classes your junior and senior years. The major goal of the FTA is to assist high school students in exploring teaching as a career choice.

“Any student from ninth to twelfth grades who is interested in a career in education can join. The dues are $7.00, but we will work with students with financial need. Students must be active in club activities and meetings to remain on the roster,” said Stephanie Wallace, English teacher and FTA Club leader.

Shelby Morris (‘17), the state Vice President for the current school year, has been a part of FTA for three years now but only in Teacher Cadets for two.

“I got this position by being elected at last year’s Teacher Cadet and FTA State Convention. In this position I was part of the team that planned for the conference in February,” Morris stated. “It is my favorite class! My favorite part is the support system that I have gained from this class. I decided to join Teacher Cadet and FTA because I knew that I could teach in the classroom as a high school student and gain valuable experience before I attend college.”

Ben Casinger (‘18), the state President for the school year, has been in Teacher Cadets and FTA for only a year now. “Mrs. Wallace was my biggest influence to join Teacher Cadets and Future Teachers of America because of her outstanding leadership and how she helped me as a student.”

One requirement to be a part of Teacher Cadets is that you have to do field experience, which means going to an elementary and middle school for a specific amount of time and teach a lesson to the class.

Teacher Cadet 1s, or TC1s, have to do field experience at an elementary and middle school for a month, two weeks at a time, and also have to create a portfolio and teach the class one lesson. Teacher Cadet 2s, or TCs, have to do field experience at an elementary and middle school for two months, at each school for one month. They also have to create a portfolio and teach three lessons instead of one.

Like Shelby, Mrs. Wallace has always wanted to be a teacher, so when the former sponsor of FTA and Teacher Cadets retired, she happily took over and has continued in this position for 17 years. “I love teaching and the opportunity to grow generations of teachers is amazing!”

If you want to become a teacher, FTA and Teacher Cadets is a great way to get started! The students currently in this program love the atmosphere and watching their fellow students grow and love watching themselves grow as well. While it’s already too late to turn in applications for the 2017-2018 year, you always have the next!

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