Artist Of The Month: Alexy Servello

From the ensemble to a “Do-Op Girl,” to the Wicked Witch of the West, to Ariel Moore, Senior Alexy Servello is an aspiring actress who is setting her sights for the Broadway stage. Servello has found a love for theatre during her four years at East Forsyth. She has been involved in East Forsyth’s theatre department since her freshman year.

“My favorite thing from theatre has been meeting all of my friends, which I have kept all four years I have been in the theatre department,” Servello said. She has always been in love with performing and entertaining an audience.  Her role model and her artistic inspiration is the icon Barbra Streisand. When asked why she looks up to Streisand, Servello stated, “Despite what anybody told her about her appearance or about her voice, she was still able to make her dreams come true.”

Servello’s first show was Pajama Game, which was the musical during her freshman year. She only had an ensemble role, but it introduced her to her love of performing.

She also performed in two straight plays for the department: Final Dress and Censor Bleep. Although these may not entail as much work as musicals do, they still take a large amount of time and effort.

Last spring, Servello got a huge role in the school’s ten year revival of The Wizard of Oz. She played the Wicked Witch of the West. “Alexy is such a talented individual. She has her own take on everything and her style is so unique…I’ve loved working with Alexy in the chorus room and in the theater the past three years. Last year during the Wizard of Oz she would crack me up singing so many different show tunes to me everyday!” said Michaela Bullard, who played Glinda last year in the Wizard of Oz. (’17)

Currently Servello is rehearsing for this year’s spring musical Footloose. She has been cast as the lead role Ariel Moore. When asked about her experience, she responded, “I’m looking forward to channeling my inner rebel…Me and Ariel both can be misunderstood. I am a lot more prone to play it safe when Ariel is more likely to take a chance. Playing Servello’s character’s love interest is Jacob Glover (’18) who said, “…she is very cooperative, and easy to work with, she knows what she´s doing and she doesn’t mess around, while at the same time adding an air of joy and humility to the environment.”

As well as being involved on the stage, Servello has also been been a member of Madrigals for three years and is currently Secretary and Treasurer for it. She is also President of the Drama Club and has been a member for the past three years.

Servello has grown greatly through her four years in The Talon Theatrical Company and Madrigals and has shown just how deserving she is to be the Artist of the Month.

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