AOTM: Ashlyn Howerton

Soccer captain Ashlyn Howerton (’17) is known for her hard work in the classroom and out on the field. She elevates her teammates play by being a positive person and working hard for the team. She has the same work ethic and drive on the field as well as off the field, embodying the definition of a student athlete, which is why she is this issue’s athlete of the month.

Howerton on the field is a very determined person to win each and every game and to do her very best no matter the circumstances. Along with her athletic ability, her work ethic really makes her a tough opponent to go against. Riley Lowe (’18) said, “She’s super fast and just really reliable on the back line. She’s a really good captain and I feel like she really brings the team together.” Hannah McCann (’18) commented, “Ashlyn is a very positive person who always works hard and never gives up, I love her.”

Howerton replied, “I think the best part of my game is my work ethic. I also really love playing with my teammates and that also helps drive my effort a step further.”

In her four years of playing on the East Forsyth soccer team, Howerton has made a lot of memories, including the state championship run that was made in 2015. “My favorite moment with the team was beating Myers Park and West Forsyth back to back in the state playoffs my sophomore year. It was so exhilarating to beat two really good teams back to back like that,” she said.

Howerton also takes academics very seriously being consistently one of the top 20 in her class. While she doesn’t plan on playing in college, she does plan on doing club soccer at NC State University. “I plan to go to NC State and major in business. I also want to play club soccer,” she said.

Determination to succeed is what Howerton represents as an East Forsyth student athlete. The Talon staff wishes her and the soccer team luck throughout the season and in all of her future endeavors.

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