A Closer Look At The Winners

This past year brought many great movies to the screen, but not every movie has the privilege of getting recognized and chosen to win an award. When the Oscars aired on February 26, the show ended the 2016-17 award season. Many movies and actors walked away with awards this year. Some of the big winners include La La Land, Manchester by the Sea, and Moonlight.

The biggest winner is undoubtedly Moonlight, who took away the Oscar despite the mix-ups, for Best Motion Picture. Looking further at this film, it takes a large step in racial equality in the film industry. Moonlight has a dominate African American cast, which isn’t very common in Hollywood. It also has a strong coming-of-age story which would not normally be told. It was a surprise to some that this film took home the biggest award of the Oscars. Moonlight’s Mahershala Ali took home Best Supporting Actor and the film also won Best Adapted Screenplay.

Another popular movie this season was the modern musical La La Land, which walked away with a whopping 6 Oscars and had 14 nominations.  La La Land follows an aspiring actress and a jazz obsessed pianist as they fall in love in Los Angeles. Its lead actress Emma Stone won Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role. La La Land‘s director, Damien Chazelle, also won for Best Achievement in Directing. Justin Hurwitz, who was composer for the movie, took home two Oscars both Best Achievement in Music written for Motion Pictures-Original Song for “City of Stars” and Best Achievement in Music written for Motion Pictures-Original Score.

Manchester By the Sea received some recognition at the Oscars with 6 nominations and 2 wins. The movie follows a man who finds out his older brother has died and has been named the guardian of his teenage nephew. As he is still mourning his brother, he must navigate his nephew’s life and try to do what is best for him.  The lead in this movie was Casey Affleck, who won the Oscar for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role. The film also won for Best Original Screenplay.

With all the great movies this year, the Academy had difficult choices to make when choosing the winners of the gold men. These three winners are very different movies, but all deserve the recognition they received. It shows whether it is a controversial drama, a modern musical, or a plain old good drama film, every movie has a chance to take home an Oscar.

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