Women’s Lacrosse

The spring season has arrived again, and with that comes Women’s Lacrosse. Only played with a stick, a ball, and some goggles, the fast-paced sport has had many fans waiting patiently for it to return. Last season, the team went 13-7 (7-3 in conference). Currently, the girls are 1-1 overall, and haven’t played a conference game yet. Even with a rocky start, the team is very optimistic about the season ahead of them.

“I really do believe we will do well this season,” said East Forsyth High School JV lacrosse midfielder Meredith Chrystie (’19). “I believe the team will truly stick together and make big things happen this year.” When asked about why she choose the sport of lacrosse to play, she replied “I really like lacrosse and the competition aspect of the sport. I’ve always been competitive, and this is just an aggression outlet for me. Also along the way, I’ve made a ton of new friends, learned to play the game better, and just overall, become a better teammate.

Chloe Pike (’19) , East Forysth High School Varsity women’s lacrosse attack player, agrees with Meredith Chrystie, and believes the team will succeed. “I like how our team works together and how it feels after big, big, big, big wins. We have great team chemistry, everyone gets along together, and we’re always laughing (even when we shouldn’t be laughing sometimes)”, Chloe Pike said while chuckling. When asked how she thinks the team will do this current season, Chloe said “I expect us to have a very successful season and will probably have a good chance of winning conference”.

Last year, the East Forsyth High School Fighting Eagles Women’s Varsity Lacrosse team finished in 38th place in the state. They are expected to finish even higher this year, because of their new players that have been added to the team. However, the team does have fewer players this year than they did last year. This year they only have 18 players, whilst last year they had 21.

The East Forsyth High School Fighting Eagles Women’s Varsity Lacrosse team has a 16-game schedule, so far, and we strongly encourage you to go watch them play. The Talon wishes the best of luck to the Lady Eagles, and hope their season ends well!





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