Talon Talk: Trump’s First 100 Days

Since his inauguration in January, our new Commander-in-Chief has had a turbulent time in the White House.

Our new president has faced a lot of controversy on more personal issues, which may stem from his scatterbrainedness.  At the National Prayer Breakfast, he asked for prayers for Arnold Schwarzenegger, his successor on The Apprentice.  On Twitter, he suggested halting federal funds given to California when UC Berkeley canceled Milo Yiannopoulos’ speech — the same Yiannopoulos who lost his career only weeks later over his defense of pedophilia.  Every weekend, he returns to his vacation resort in Mar-A-Lago — and does exactly what he complained about President Obama doing.

However, despite his cluelessness, Trump’s rhetoric is frightening.  He criticized a federal judge, suggesting he had no idea how the government was separated into three branches and expecting complete power.  He and press secretary Sean Spicer have both shown dislike for the media.  In a tweet, Trump said that the media was “the enemy of the American People”.  Sebastian Gorka, a White House official, said that they would keep using the term “fake news” to refer to articles they don’t like “until the media understands how wrong” the attitude of attacking the president is.

In only two months, Trump’s administration has been plagued with major scandals.  Christina Fortin (’17) said that many presidents have scandals, “but not usually this many this early on in the presidency.”

Kellyanne Conway has had numerous issues of her own.  Trump’s counselor is known for going in circles in interviews, giving no concrete answers, and frustrating viewers.  At one point, she promoted Ivanka Trump’s products during an interview, leading many to call for ethics investigations.  She coined the term “alternative facts” to refer to falsehoods made up by the administration.  Her most famous “alternative fact” was the nonexistent Bowling Green Massacre, which she used to defend Trump’s travel ban.

Steve Bannon, former executive chair of white supremacist website Breitbart, joined Trump’s campaign and is concerningly close to the president.  He helped draft Trump’s immigration ban and was recently given a position on the National Security Council, something usually given to people with policy experience.  He was with Trump at the dinner where he approved a raid in Yemen that killed 36-year old soldier Ryan Owens and other civilians.

The numerous distractions don’t hide the truth:  Trump’s administration has many worrying issues.  While the first 100 days are traditionally about a President’s accomplishments, our 45th president may turn out to be a little different.

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