Mass Effect Andromeda

Get ready to join the Andromeda Initiative, and discover a new planet to help sustain human life. Mass Effect is a large video game franchise that has a long backstory that even after finishing the games, you won’t know it all.

However, Mass Effect Andromeda is going to be a new story in the Mass Effect universe in which your character leads a crew as the pathfinder to find a planet suitable for life to live.

Evan Osborne (’17) said, “I think it looks good.” It is indeed a beautiful game that has taken huge steps forward in graphical performance. But graphical performance isn’t everything that matters for whether a game is successful or not. The new story is going to be the key factor that brings people into buying it and even customers that haven’t played the other three games.

Because this game takes place in a new galaxy and many years after the events of Mass Effect 3, the story will be unrelated to the previous games. With that, there becomes no prior game experience to fully understand the story, the new player won’t become confused and lost.

Considering the past Mass Effect games, there will be a ton of mechanics in which it revolves around building relationships with your crew members and taking part in loyalty missions. Exploration will be a key factor in this game as there will be tons of planets for the player to explore, with this a player could easily spend up to one hundred hours in the game.

There will be a total of six squadmates in the game that will assist them in their playthrough, as a player they will be able to choose two squadmates from the six to follow them on their adventure and they can switch them out if they need to.

Mass Effect Andromeda will be a game to watch out for especially with how it will impact the franchise as a whole. This game will show how successful the possible future Mass Effects will be.

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