Marvel’s Logan Unleashes Its Claws

Get ready to watch the beast unleash its claws! The new Marvel movies Logan has hit the theaters. The movie follows Logan, also known as Wolverine, as he helps Professor X and has to struggle losing his healing abilities. Wolverine has gone through a lot in the amount of time he has appeared in movies, so it will definitely be interesting to see how he deals with obstacle.

There have been  a lot of Marvel movies over the years and many of them follow the story line of the X-Men, more specifically, Wolverine. For our generation, Hugh Jackman and Wolverine are one in the same, so it makes sense for Marvel to make a movie that could possibly conclude Wolverine’s story.

Tyler Douglas (’17) said, “I think Logan will be good because it gives the story of what happened when the world turned on their heroes and subsequently what happened to them. You could say that Logan did pretty well considering it made $85.3 Million on the first day, so that could prove that it is doing well as a possible end to the Wolverine.”

Marvel’s future has been planned out for a while due to all of these movies that are coming out from the most recent Logan to the future Avengers movies. They will most likely “continue the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy movies and make individual hero origin movies like Captain America and Iron Man,” said Khalon Martin (’18).

Within the entertainment and comic book industries, Marvel is one of the most popular companies that produce amazing movies. “They make pretty good action movies to get your attention,” said Martin. Due to Marvel’s success in the past, they may start to get lazy with their movies just to make an easy buck. So hopefully Marvel keeps up their good work and continues to make amazing movies.


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