Will Betsy DeVos Impact The EFHS Budget?

Courtesy of National Review

Betsy DeVos is currently serving as the 11th Secretary of Education of the United States. She was nominated by President Trump on November 23, 2016. Since her nomination, Mrs. DeVos has caused quite the uproar from many, but praise from others.

To begin, Betsy DeVos did not attend public school, instead she went to private schools in her home state of Michigan. She has also never been employed in a public school, but her advocation for school vouchers made her a leader in the republican education field.
The school voucher program is the policy that states parents who do not send their children to public schools should receive a write-off on their taxes. Her views about education seem to align with President Trump, the man who nominated her. During his campaign, he called for the elimination of the Department of Education on a federal level,  as the agency spends 48.9% of its budget on grants sent to state and local education departments. Trump and DeVos’ policies threaten the budget of our own school, and schools across the nation.
Some of our own teachers weighed in on our new Secretary of State. Mrs. Wallace said, “I think it is a travesty for public school. She is completely unqualified for the position in all possible ways… I think that if she were even willing to educate herself about public schools it wouldn’t be such an issue, but the fact that she has no public school experience, but she worked in her own state to dismantle public education — there’s no foreseeable hope that she will be an advocate for it nationwide.”
Her policies worry many, but to some, vouchers do make some sense. Thomas McCallister (‘19) said, “I approve of vouchers because people who are not using the federal system should not be forced to pay into it.”
But contrary to Trump’s policies, DeVos is also reported to have supported Obama’s policies about protecting transgender identity in regards to bathroom use in public schools, making her a very interesting character in Trump’s cabinet.

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