Promposals 2K17


‘Tis the Promposal season! The time for surprises and cutesy, Pinterest, proposal ideas have arrived. It seems like after Christmas, prom gains up on students and the pressure is on to have the most “out of the box” promposal for that special date you’ve been thinking about.

Where did promposals even start? According to the Washington Post, the first recorded or documented promposal took place in 2001, Dallas, Texas. When a young and hopeful teenage boy publicly took a risk and asked his dream girl to prom by announcing it over the school’s intercom. Ever since then, Promposals have raised expectations and getting that special date takes some serious creativity and sweetness.

Some of 2016’s ideas were inspired by food, such as spelling out “Prom?” with the pepperonis of a pizza, or with the icing on a cookie cake. Well, brave boys and girls, kick it up in high gear this year and become in touch with your more creative side.

No more typical flowers, teddy bears, or bags of candy with a poster type promposal, get inspired and make it special for that special date, so there’s no way they could say no. Ideas for the 2017 promposal season include creative puns and unique “posters” that match the person’s personality or their interests. You could even include the “poster” as a giant makeup palette saying “Will you MAKE your way UP to prom with me?” So, boys, if your girl loves makeup, think about including some sort of palette into your idea!

For the girls who break all stereotypes and ask their lucky guy, think beyond sports. One kooky idea included the love of the hit TV Show The Walking Dead and zombies. So, the girl dressed up all bloody and gory to pass for a zombie while her poster read, “Even during a zombie apocalypse, I’d still *chews* you…Prom?” Really take your dates personality into account when brainstorming promposal ideas because the more personal it is, the better impression you make.

Social media is always the way to go when first brainstorming, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, all of these are great just make sure to add your own touch and really create something different.

Promposal season is upon us, and escalating quickly, so in avoiding having your idea stolen get to work and prompose the heck out of your date!

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