AOTM: Ryan Combs


While jumping may not be the most widely regarded event in track and field, but Ryan Combs (’17) deserves a lot of recognition for how high he can jump with and without a pole. Reaching for the sky and expanding to new heights is what Combs does best. Combs is known for his hard work, according to Coach Julie Ross, “As a coach, it’s very interesting to see Ryan pole vault and high jump. He’s a very talented athlete and a great all-around kid.”

Being a student and a friend to everyone is what Combs is known for. He’s almost never negative and always keeps his head high regardless of the situation. Coach Ross said, “Even when he doesn’t think he does his best, he always has a smile on his face and a positive outlook like he has, in this sport is what will get you through.” Thomas Moriarty (’18), a friend of Ryan’s commented, “Ryan is a very energetic person and he shows that pretty much everywhere he goes.”

Along with his positive attitude, Ryan has accolades with the East Forsyth track program. He was a track and field MVP for field events and qualifying for NCHSAA 4A State Indoor Track and Field championship seeded 12th in the high jump and seeded 8th for pole vault. He also qualified for the NCHSAA 4A Midwest Regional outdoor championship in the pole vault.

Combs said, “I feel so great that all my hard work has paid off this season and all the seasons before this. I’m glad it all came together for my last indoor season, it feels great.” Coach Ross said, “It’s great seeing his success come from this hard work he’s put in. Since I’ve been here, he’s made improvements each and every season, whether it be on his form or if he’s just reaching new heights.”

His outlook and hard work in this sport and life in general is what truly sets him above the bar (pun intended) from the rest of the competition in the school district and in the state.


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