A Roman Battle At East

Some teachers here at East like to give their students a more hands on learning experience. Recently the new Latin teacher here at East, Ms. David, did just that. The class did a historically accurate reenactment of a battle between Rome and Allonga.

The class wore consumes and used props to reenact the battle. They used a script and read the lines. Ms. David said “the students have more time to learn the history because we don’t do the speaking” portion in Latin, like in other language classes.

The story goes like this; rather than thousands dying, two sets of triplets, three from each opposing side battled to the death to fight for control of the land under the third king of Rome. One of the triplets had a sister who was married to one of the men on the opposing side. She was killed to make a point that Rome was more powerful.

Caleb Riggins (’19) said “I was the first person injured” in the battle. It was fun because it wasn’t a normal class, but it still helped with learning history. Several other teachers here at East also do fun activities. Riggins also stated “some of my other favorite hands on activities is biology labs in Mrs. Weavil’s class.”

The class also had a Saturnalia. It is Roman festival that lasts from December seventeenth through the twenty-third. The festival involves crafts, food, and gambling. Many Christmas customs come from this festival, such as decorating trees.

Allee Steelman (’18) said, “I was the sister” in the battle who was married to one of the triplets. The battle was very exciting! It was a good change from the usual book work and translations.

Latin is considered a dead language, but did you know it is used by zoologists and botanists to name and describe every new species? Many other words used in science and medicine were created from Latin words, or are Latin words too! So in many ways, Latin will live forever.

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