Women March Across the World

January 21, 2017 marked a historical event in US history as it saw the biggest protest nationwide.  The protesters came out to support a number of different causes which include women’s rights, immigration, health care, and the general dislike and discontent towards a Trump presidency.

Data collected shows that about 3.3 million people protested around the US, and many more around the world marched in support of the US protest. Researchers still say that their data is incomplete in regards to the number of people who marched, but numbers will change as more information and estimates become available.

Protest signs in New York City.

Protest signs in New York City.

Some of our own eagles were able to march and make their voices heard such as our of our very own news writers, Megan Kwiatkowski (’18), who went to the march in New York City. “There were people everywhere and signs everywhere. Everyone was chanting “Dump the Trump,” “Throw Pence over the fence,” and “This is what democracy looks like.” She said that she had never been part of a protest before and it was a “10/10 experience.”

Last year’s news editor and photographer Erick Messer was able to attend the march in Greensboro and took amazing pictures of the protest.

Women's March in Greensboro, NC.

Women’s March in Greensboro, NC.

“A friend invited me and I brought my camera… It was really interesting to see so many people come together for a common cause.” He also remarked that it was a little surprising to see so many males take part in the protest as well.

The biggest part of the protest took place in Washington, DC, where police officials reported zero arrests during the protests. The Women’s March website calls the rest of us to be active and take part of this social and political movement. They launched their 10 actions, 100 days movement which says, “Every 10 days we will take action on an issue we all care about, starting today.” Actions include calling or writing to your senator and letting them know what matters most to you.

The march sent a clear message to the new administration that people are not willing to give away their power, they will be heard, they will not be undermined, and they will resist.

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