Valentine’s Day 2017

Valentine’s day is a holiday not only celebrated in the United States, but also Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France and Australia. It became common to exchange greetings with your loved ones during the mid 18th century, with America starting the tradition in the early 1700s.

Many  people have different ways to celebrate this holiday. Some like to go out on romantic dates or have fun with their friends, while others like to just stay at home, watch Netflix, and have some time to themselves. We talked with some students at East to learn more about their plans for the holiday.

“I plan on spending my Valentine’s day at home, eating junk food and listening to music. Just going through Snapchat and Instagram like any other normal day,” Angel Odom (‘19) said.

Much like Odom, Lauren Burkehart (‘18) likes to spend her Valentine’s Day at home watching Netflix. “When I don’t have anyone to celebrate it with, it just becomes a normal day.”

According to, an average of 448 million dollars was spent solely on candy for this single holiday. 58 million dollars of that money was spent on chocolate and another 36 million on heart shaped boxes of chocolate.

Luckily for Odom and Burkehart who say that their favorite part of the holiday is all of the candy they receive (and all of the candy that’s on sale after Valentine’s Day is over). But if they had someone to celebrate the holiday with, they have some ideas about what they’d like to do. “If I had someone to go with, I would love to go to a nice restaurant and have a wonderful meal,” Odom said.

“The best gift or date for me for Valentine’s Day would be going to Smitty’s, which is my favorite restaurant,” Katie Brooks (’17) stated.  

This year, this romantic holiday happens to fall on a Tuesday, so many people will not be going out, since most will have school or work the next day.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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