Club Spotlight: National Art Honors Society

Do you enjoy art? Do you want to join a club where you are able to explore art? Then National Art Honors Society is for you!

In 1987 the National Art Education Association created National Art Honors Society for students who have an outstanding interest in art. This society tries to help students achieve the highest standards in art scholarships, character, and services.  

For our own National Art Honors Society, the only requirement to join is to be currently enrolled in an art class.

Sara Hintz (‘17) has been apart of this society since her freshman year of high school. “I really like art, which is why I joined. I also really liked the teacher.”

The current teacher Skylar Mcghee, has been in control of our NAHS for a year now, the club had formerly been run by Cynthia Ellis.

“I like giving the kids the chance to go see art around the state, giving them the ability to see art that the might otherwise not get the chance to see. This year I really want to take them to the Raleigh Art Museum,” Mcghee states.

Ellie Harris (‘17) is the president of our own National Arts Honor Society, she has had this position for this school year.

“I love the club so much because the people are awesome and Susan Chavez is a great vice president. We have had fun so far this year. We’ve been working on these Valentine’s day cards that we sold on the actual day. That itself was a lot of fun.”

Harris responsibilities include, but are not limited to, keeping everyone in the club in check. She has been apart of our National Art Honors Society for four years, “Every year we go to Empty Bowls where we all make bowls and sell them to help raise money and fight hunger, and I really enjoy it.”

If you like art and want to join a club, then National Arts Honors Society is for you! There is still time to join this year, and if you are not able to, you have next year!

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