The Walking Dead


Watch out Lucile, Rick’s on his way. The Walking Dead season 7 mid-finale left much anticipation for the second half of this season. In the mid-season finale, Rick finally decided to go to war with the Saviors, Negan’s group. With all that has happened up until this point, it was only a matter of time Rick would have enough of Negan’s terrorizing, from Daryl being taken and Spencer getting gutted.

Rick’s group has dealt with different groups in the past, getting trapped in Terminus as food or having to protect themselves from the Governor’s group. It will be interesting to find out if Rick decides to confront Negan. “I definitely think Rick has a plan but I also think Negan is smarter than they think,” said Reese Barker (’17). There will definitely be a war between the two groups with Rick making an alliance with the Kingdom and the Hilltop. “I think they will build up their strength and go as a more powerful group and attack if they have to” said Riley Smith (’20).

With a big war coming up, many will speculate that Negan will die, but will that be the case? Smith thinks he well, but Vinny Tucciarone (’17) said,”I hope he does, but I don’t think he will.” Negan will most likely not die this season, because there have been theories speculating that Rick will put Negan in the cage that Morgan has been building.

“I think they will grow more as a family and continue to travel and possibly find what started it all,” said Smith. Some people try to look at the overall plot of the story and a greater purpose for the characters, while others look for a closer purpose. Tucciarone wants “Rick to not be such a pushover and everything.” He added that “he really just kind of turned into someone who won’t do anything anymore.”

Many people will be looking forward to this continuation of The Walking Dead and they will definitely get some type of surprise during this season.

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