Snow Days Are The Best Days

The new year has been a bit of a blizzard, well for North Carolina, ten inches IS a blizzard! East Forsyth had received three snow days, but the worst part is that our spring break is now only four days! We can all say a huge thank you to mother nature.

The snow days are meant for the students’ and faculty’s safety, but they sometimes make people frustrated that they’re life is put on hold because of weather. Here are some fun ideas for your next snow day; you never know what else might be in store for North Carolina’s weather!

On these snow days, spending time with family is not an option, it’s a requirement. There really isn’t a way out, but you can always find fun things to do while being locked in the house with the whacko siblings and insane parents.

Playing board games are a great thing to pass the time. All board games can be fun if you make them… no sore losers, please!

Enjoying some Netflix or Hulu movie time would also be a great way to waste the day away. Snuggling up on the couch with your furry friends can be the best. Snow days are a great way to catch up on all that school work you probably didn’t do. Try not to procrastinate, because the make up work can be overwhelming. “I spent the snow days catching up on school work, playing in the snow with neighbors, and practicing the violin,” commented Sarah Hintz (’17).

Playing in the snow is a must on a snow day; don’t be a hermit. Try building a snowman or go sledding! When playing in the snow remember to wear proper snow gear. Leggings are a no go, ladies. Also, don’t forget to wear good waterproof shoes. UGGs won’t do the job either. “I slept a lot and did homework. I went sledding once for like 30 minutes, then I got cold and went inside,” Sydney Buro (’17).

The next time there is a snow day, try something new. Go out and build a snowman or a snow-boyfriend/girlfriend! Go sledding with neighbors or with your family. Snow days can be a great way to bond with those you’ve never bonded with before, like your cat!

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