Racing Indoors?

Courtesy of Jeff Sides

Courtesy of Jeff Sides

Normally, running track is outdoors but for extravagant runners or people that want to do a sport in the winter, indoor track is there to satisfy those needs. Beginning right after cross country, indoor track goes from November to February with most of the meets being held at JDL Fast Track.

With only four meets spread out across this time period of four months, all of the schools in Winston-Salem/Forsyth County meet at JDL Fast Track to run as a pre-season for outdoor track. Though this isn’t the most competitive season of running, students at East Forsyth still run to the best of their ability. Eli Jones (‘18) commented, “I always want to do the best that I can, whatever season it is. I also like having fun during winter track though, it’s not stressful at all.” Parker Rickansrud (‘18) responded, “In indoor track, it’s a great team sport where you can work competitively with your friends and work to be the very best.”

Some runners just do indoor track to get into shape and some even do it to have fun and make new friends. Kevin Rocha (‘19) said, “I run so I can imagine myself as Forrest Gump; it’s fun being a part of the club too though.”

Coach Ross, the distance coach at East Forsyth has been very committed to coaching this track program for three years. She stated, “It’s very fun to be around this team and already see so many of these students committed to track already. Even though it’s not spring yet, students come out here and work hard in this cold weather and that shows their true dedication to this sport, whether they’re doing this for fun or taking it seriously.”

Whether for fun or trying to be successful, indoor track is a great sport that any student at East Forsyth can join, it’s open to anyone and everyone. We wish the Eagles the best of luck on the track and for the rest of the season.

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