Back To East!

There are many teachers here at East Forsyth from all different parts of the world; we even have teachers from other continents! But you might not realize just how many grew up right here in Kernersville and went to East Forsyth High School as students!

Teachers who went here often have a fond image of the school, which makes them want to come back to their alma-mater. 

Tiffany Burgess, the Theatre teacher here at East Forsyth, spoke about her desire to come back to East. “It was the only place I wanted to teach, because honestly and truly for me, this is the very stage where I fell in love with theatre, where I fell in love with performing… this place really gave that gift to me. I just wanted to give that gift back to people. This just seemed the right place.” 

Ms. Wilson graduated in 2011, not too many years ago, from East Forsyth. She joked, “I barely feel like a teacher. everyone still thinks I’m a student.”

Teachers who went here have a different appreciation of the struggles of the students (they know how the breezeway can get between classes!) and a more deep love of the school and community that they may have spent their whole lives in. 

A list of teachers who are alumni follow: Ms. Robertson, Ms. Nance, Ms. Wilson, Mrs. Whitney, Ms. Leyva, Ms. Burgess, Ms. Hester, Mrs. McFadden, Mrs. Reich, Mrs. Frederico, Mr. Sapp, Ms. Conrad, and Mrs. Dana Watson.

Many things about the campus itself has changed as well since these Eagles attended school here. For many, the 1100 building didn’t exist, nor did the pods. The new Musten gym is also a great addition to campus. Since the school’s opening in 1962, many teachers have graced the hallways of this great education sanctum. 

Burgess also reminisced about the “Eagle” mascot. “We no longer have Eagle. Eagle was the most beautiful Labrador retriever, and he would go into classrooms and he was the sweetest dog ever.”


Many Alumni teachers have an advantage because they understand the school lingo. Terms like Top Lot, Breezeway, and Courtyard, Brick Wall allow teachers to be in on student conversations. Would you want to come back to East as a teacher? Let us know by tweeting @efEagles!

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