Registration Tips

Registration comes with a lot of responsibility, and picking out what electives to take can be stressful. East Forsyth offers a lot of different mind intriguing electives. When picking out an elective to take, always remember to look into the class before signing up. The class may be easier or may be more complicated than it seems, and might even require pre-requisites (which are classes you need to take before you’re allowed to sign up).

Over the past few years, East Forsyth has received some new and impressive classes, including Zoology and American Sign Language. There are also countless electives to take at the Career Center. When you receive your registration packet, remember to look at the choices and especially the Career Center’s options. Only juniors and seniors are able to attend the Career Center, and you must meet the required GPA.

Career Center classes are there to help you prepare for college, and go beyond what’s able to be offered at East. They have culinary courses, additional advanced placement courses, and even automotive classes. Students like the different atmosphere and increased independence that they have when at the Career Center.

If you do not know what kind of classes to enroll in, take the time to talk with your guidance counselor about your interests. If you don’t have any interests, try something new like foods or art, or even something more challenging like nursing. “There may be some classes that you normally wouldn’t take, but seem interesting. It doesn’t hurt to try them!” exclaimed Mattie Lakey (’17).

If you’re concerned about your workload, keep in mind that taking advance placement classes is a huge responsibility. They are a lot of work, so try to not overwhelm yourself by spacing out the advance classes year to year. “Don’t overload yourself with AP classes. For freshmen, know your work limit. You may not be able to handle AP yet. Also, don’t pick classes based on what your friends are in… please don’t,” added Lakey.

When you receive your registration packets, make sure to fill them out on time. Turning them in late can make a huge impact on your selective classes, and you may not get your first choice!

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